Driving Colorado '98

The Trip

We're in the process of planning our '98 trip. Both previous trips to Montana were great and took mostly different paths, but for a change of scenery, we're currently thinking of heading in the direction of Colorado this time.

So far the plan is to drive out on Interstate 50/70 to the Continental Divide then wend our way back via Southwestern Colorado scenic roads. From there we might dip into New Mexico or Arizona, or head through the southern Utah promised lands. We'd probably cover about 350-800 miles in a day, less in the twisties, more on the highways.

50 through Nevada and Utah are really empty and pretty in a Western way. Crystal clear skies in the desert, mountain ranges visible for 100 miles, and spectacular vistas abound. Highway 50 follows the historic route of the Pony Express and Overland Stage Coach trail.

The Colorado highways and two-lanes are breathtakingly beautiful and quite twisty in places. So far we're sketching in 9 south from 70, 285 to 24, possibly 114 or straight to 50, 149 to 160, then back North on 550, then maybe West on 62, south on 145 then into Southern Utah or perhaps Four Corners. Some of these roads can be found in Car and Driver's 100 Best Driving Roads in America.

One advantage of the layout of the highways in this area is that we can explore backroads to out heart's content but also jump on an Interstate and head straight West if time runs short. We'd probably want to choose a tentative route together, with some options to adjust it if we like when we're covering ground.

Proposed Dates

The current plan is to leave from the San Jose area on Saturday, September 26th and return around Sunday, October 4th. Please send your feedback on anything here by return email so we can plan this together.

Announcement List

We've set up a mail reflector for trip announcements, communication, etc. The goal is to let us coordinate what we're doing and of course convince you to go. If you've got any kind of driving bug (I guess that could be parsed to mean owning a VW :^), like road trips, would like to see more of the West, or just need to stretch your and your car's legs, I hope you'll consider joining us. (The old mailing list is gone, but if we do another trip we will probably set one up on Yahoo Groups (formerly eGroups).)


Here's my checklist so far.

I'd say the only pseudo requirement would be for a CB radio. Big antennas work a lot better than handhelds so an external or magnet mount antenna would be a good idea. The radios make on the road coordination much easier.

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'98 Trip notes and pictures are being completed now.

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